What is Foot Zoning


Our bodies are comprised of magnificent healing systems! These systems are complex and interconnected, yet inherent within each of us is a blueprint of wholeness — a formula or code which guides us to our perfect “self.” This incredible blueprint is what we call the normal line of health, and it is the essential key to our ability to thrive!

Restorative foot zoning is a powerful, yet simple and noninvasive technique that activates our normal line of health. Literally hundreds of pressure points — inherent signals in our feet — work together like a “switchboard.” Restorative foot zoning “switches on” the entire blueprint of the body down to the cellular level. The blueprint, once activated, sends healing information in the form of electromagnetic impulses throughout the entire body, bringing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

What is EFT

Everybody has a story. With every story, comes emotions. Sometimes we let these emotions fly through us and release. Other times, we hold on to the emotions and the storys. When we do this, we stop our ability to heal, to move forward.

EFT is an incredable modality that allows us to feel the emotions attached to situations in our lifes. When we address these negative emotions, we can then begin to release them. Once they are released, we have the ability to open our minds to new, positve emotions and stories.

I am not a counsler. I am not a therapist. I am just a person who will listen to your story, your emotions and guide you through the steps to help you feel less pain and more joy. Everyone needs someone who will listen. Let me be your someone.