Hello! I'm Karen Ames

I am a firm believer in the Foot Zone and an example of how it can heal. I believe healing is not just a physical change, but also an emotional one.

I was first introduced to the Foot Zone in September 2016. I was searching for answers to help me heal from a Traumatic Brain Injury I had sustained in December 2014. After one quick 5 minute session, I felt more alive than I had in over a year. The next morning my "brain fog" was gone. Thoughts were clearer and the buzzing in my head, that I had been dealing with since the accident, was gone. I was hooked!

In May of 2017, I made the choice to get certified as a Foot Zone Practitionar.  If this little technique could make such a difference for me, then I knew it could help others. 

While going through school, people began asking me how they could get certified. Well, the only place to go is the Salt Lake Valley. So, now I knew I needed to become an instructor. I needed to bring the wonderful gift of healing AND learning to the Uintah Basin. But I had reservations about doing this. 

I taught in the public schools for 7 years prior to my injury and then 2 years after. It was a challenge to work in a high stress enviornment with such a sensitve and limiting disability. I saw an accupuncturist and canial massage therepist on a weekly basis just to survive. Once I quit teaching, healing started to take place and stay because I wasn't "undoing" my therapy each week. 

After stressing my concers to the coowners of Wellness Life Zone, they gave me great words of encouagement. I began to feel more confident that I could do this. It took me a few more months of soul searching and praying on what the Lord wanted me to do and I finally said "YES". My instructors were thrilled, as well as interested portential students.

So, in April 2018, only 1 month after certifing as a Foot Zone Practitionar, I became a Certified Instructor for Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy.

My health is getting better all the time. I am able to to more and be more for my 2 amazing kids and very supportive husband. Foot Zoning makes me a stronger person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am healing deep at the cellular level. Because I belived there was more to life than seven perscription pain killers, pain management therepy and constant tremors, I found  the answers I needed to move beyond the limitiations the doctors had set. 

I am constantly seeking information and answers to questions. I am forever a student and always a teacher. 

I am excited to see how this journey of Foot Zoning and Wholistic Healing unfolds. I am excited to share all that I learn with you my clients and students. 


8 students graduated as of May 2020.   Currently 2 enrolled.  I always have room for more!





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