Rezzimax Tuner Session- 30 minutes- $30

A Rezzimax Session can be combined with any Foot Zone appointment.

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What is the Rezzimax Tuner?

 The Rezzimax Tuner is a defice that promotes healing on a neurological and cellular level. When added to the Foot Zone, it will realese more pain and triggered signals will last longer. 

It was designed by Sharik Peck, after he had enough of dealing with chornic pain and side effects of a stroke. He developed the turner to hum at the same frequency as a cat's purr, which is scientifically proven to promote healing. 

The vibrating sensation it sends out brings the body to a parasympathetic (restful) state. Only in parasympathetic mode can your body begin to heal. 

I had the privledge of meeting Sharik by chance in a wellness class we were both taking. I was immedialty drawn to his tool and he was immedeialty intrigued by my Brain Injury. 

I constantly deal with sensitivity in my feet. After 10 minutes of the tuner on my feet, they were no longer over sensitive. That night I did not have to take any medication for restless syndrome.

Since I have been using it on a daily basis, I sleep with out sleeping pills, neuropothy pain is quieter and I no longer go to bed or wake up with headaches. I am also breaking through emotional pain using a specific Emotional Thereaputic Realease routine. 

So if you have any of the follow, 

Chornic Pain


Neruological Disorders

Nerve or muscle Damage


Emotional Trauma

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