Jumpstart and Independent Study

Fall Class- September 9-12

Jumpstart classes are designed for the ambitious, self-motivated student.

Classes run for one week only! Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm with 1 hr lunch.

Each day we will drill the foot zone technique. We will introduce you to gems on day 2, so your knuckles don't get too worn out. When you leave Thrusday evening you will have the entire zone learned and memorized! This will allow you to start earning an income in as little as 2 weeks. 

You will be on your own to learn the anatomy and physiology. We will hold a webinar class once a month to have discussions and answer questions about what you are learning. 

You will have 6 months to learn the anatomy and take your board exams. 

If you think this is something that peaks your intrest and fits your kind of learning, send me an email to get started. 


Online courses are scheduled according to YOU and YOUR needs! Together we will make 7 month plan. We will map out face-to-face time for you to learn the foot zone technique. Then we will map out confrence calls that will assist you while learning the anatomy and physiology. Together we will strategically plan when to take your board exams.

The schedules are flexible and allow you to continue working your current job or working with your family schedules. 

If you think this is the class for you, please send an email to Karen Ames for registration. 

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Zoning For Life

Karen Ames, CFZP and CFZI



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